About Us

I started The Horse Stall in 2006 with a stall at Craft Markets in the very horsey Camden and Cobbitty NSW. It was established with the main aim of providing a varied selection of quality horse themed gifts all year round.

Browsing through this website you will discover a varied range of products: Jewellery, stationery, model horses, horse themed t-shirts, bags, caps, cups and more. Something for everyone.

You will also discover that a large proportion of our jewellery is unique to The Horse Stall and can be customised to suit your style.

Why "The Horse Stall"?

I didn't have a name for my jewellery and giftware stall until my husband heard two lost ladies at the market say: "The horse stall is around here somewhere".

"The Horse Stall" seemed like a good name, as horses have stalls and my stall was definitely full of horses!

Present day.....

The Horse Stall has grown from a craft market stall to the online business it is today.

So I hope you enjoy shopping at The Horse Stall and it makes finding that perfect horse gift that little bit easier.