Horse Cushion Cover - Arabian Horses

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This Cushion cover, made for HorseEye Designs (Canada), is inspired by a painting of Arabian horses created by artist Maisie Robertson. 

The 50cm by 50cm cushion cover is printed on an extremely durable Linen blend fabric and is created with Digital Printing Techniques.

Monica Sullivan, HorseEye Designs: “Maisie was one of the first graduates of the Vancouver School of Art and her work has been archived for over 50 years. A dear friend allowed me to look through Maisie's portfolio because of my love for horses and my horse rescue journey. The moment I saw this beautiful art I felt this immense desire to share it in some way. I am pleased to be able to collaborate with her family and offer her works through a collection of carefully curated products.”

The Horse Stall is delighted to assist Monica in sharing Maisie’s beautiful designs in Australia.